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Display state in drawing showing 'shaded with edges' instead of 'shaded'

Question asked by Albert Van Dijk on Feb 21, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 25, 2019 by Marco Janssen



When creating a drawing view with the display style 'shaded' I sometimes find the drawing view switching to 'shaded with edges' while only 'shaded' is still active. This mostly happens when rebuilding the drawing or when re-opening the drawing.


This issue happens to some, but not all, assemblies I create.


What I have tried so far without any improvement:

- closing and re-opening.

- create a new drawing view.

- switching to 'use software OpenGL' under system options>performance.

- Opening file on different computer.


Initial display:


Display after rebuild:


Does anybody know what the problem might be or do you encounter something similar?


Please let me know.


Thanks in advance.