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Project number generator/database

Question asked by Tim Fischer on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 27, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

We are migrating to SolidWorks PDM Standard in a month or so. We have a complete mess of 10+ years of CAD data we plan to migrate when we "touch -it". As all parts and assemblies need a unique file part/Assembly file name, I am unsure how this going to go.


We quote projects in SolidWorks for external customers. Some projects may go forward, some may not. Either way, in most cases we quote a complete solution in SolidWorks. The owner has the sense that Quoted projects would not be created/managed in PDM Standard due to the amount of data management required to complete the quote. If the project didn't come to fruition, all the hours would be lost. I have the opposite opinion. Keep all SolidWorks Project data in PDM whether it be released or quoted. All Projects should go in the Vault in a Project or Quotation Folder with sequential part numbers with the Project Number be the part number prefix.  PDM Standard doesn't have API or serial numbers so I am SOL. I would prefer to setup a database to keep track and provide the next sequential project number.


Quote /Project #      -      Part Number

P000001       -001



Does such a Project number generator/database exist as a SolidWorks Macro? We don't have Access.