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Can PDM Pro 2017-Clients work with 2019-Servers?

Question asked by Nick Canfield on Feb 20, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Nick Canfield

We are looking to do a partial roll-out of SW2019 to our internal admin team and individual users who require it for client files. This would be a temporary situation to give our admins enough time to update our templates, toolboxes, and settings and do initial troubleshooting before we do a full roll-out a couple months later. If we upgraded our PDM professional servers at the same time as our license servers, would all of the users still on the 2017 PDM client continue to work?

I am trying to figure out what we would have to do:

  • a full roll-out of PDM to all of the clients followed by a second, SW roll-out a couple months later (too much of a headache)
  • wait to update PDM servers at the same as the full client deployment (delays PDM settings and workflow updates)
  • or, if the Omnissiah takes pity on me, we can update the servers and admin clients now and the remaining clients at the full deployment.


I really need to look at all of the PDM settings and workflows since they don't appear to have been touched since my predecessor created them back in 2012. I would also prefer to have the server side at full capabilities before I start diving into these tasks.