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Flex pipe route doesn't show up

Question asked by Trent taylor on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Jun 13, 2019 by Demitri Duwadi
Long story short, I didn't load SW2008 on my computer until late last fall. My employer decides everything is working fine with it so they don't renew our SW contract this year in order to save $. So this month my computer implodes and our IT guy brings in a new one. I only have service pack 4 for 2008 and without renewing can't get service pack 5. Our local SW supplier was good to work with and said SW4 should work with all the routing I am doing.
Finally got the computer up and running and everything loaded and start working on finishing some projects. We are a Hto tub manufacturer and I use the routing software to make our 3d production sheets and Boms. I am reworking some files I worked on earlier this year and have deleted several routes. Now when I make the new ones everything looks fine until I save the route after creating it. Then the route solid dissapears leaving only the first route stub that was created while doing the Autoroute. If I go in and "edit route" the solid reappears until I save it again.
I have even gone in and created new fittings as an experiment and tried routing between two of them with the same results. I'm sure I'm just missing some setting, but I've tried changing the Real view, display and transparency functions but can't get anything but the start of the route to show. These are curved routes and the route path is there, just not tubing. Any help would be greatly appreciated.