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Custom Part in Tool Box, adding "Standard Properties"

Question asked by Thomas Larson on Feb 19, 2019

Good Morning,


I am trying to add a part into the tool box in which the user could add/find a part from a family. The part is a Backup ring to O-rings and is a glorified washer. The part has the same cross section, thickness and width, the only dimension that changes is the OD. I want to build a part and add it into the tool box so that you can just type in the OD and the part auto generates/ is found.


I did accomplish something close with a Custom property that I linked back to the dimensions in the sketch. You could type in an OD, add in a part number and save and it works one time. Then it glitches and when I look back they have lost the OD i put in, and there are a ton of nonsense configurations that I never made with all the OD's on top of each other. Also since the sizes were "text" a 2.5 ring was different from a 2.50 or a 2.500.


I conceptualize a design table, but the rings would be in .001 in increments from .025 to 14.000 inches. So that doesn't seem to be a clean fix.


Is there away to add Standard Property to a custom part and build a Part Table as seen in the O-ring parts? Something that would stick, be a number,  but could also be added to with manual input?


Any other ideas of suggestions?