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model ignoring design table

Question asked by Sean Johnson on Feb 19, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Sean Johnson

I've a large design table driving an assembly model.  The differences in configurations come down to width and length of a few parts.


The assembly model is ignoring the table.


If I go to a configuration that is not right, then go into the table, and click onto the row driving that configuration, it's correct.

When I close the table and return to the model, that configuration updates correctly.


Q: Going back and forth for every configuration is not a solution here.  What is?


In the interest of trying to make this table more usable, I've looked into unlinking the display states from the configurations, which I gather should have been set before the table was created.   I set the first appearance state to be used for all configurations, but attempting to delete all the others has locked up Solidworks.  [previously, attempting to regenerate all the configs on some of the sheet metal parts in the assembly did the same thing.  They had to be regenerated one at a time.]


Looking at other forum posts, it looks like I should verify that all numbers in the table are formatted as NUMBER and not GENERAL.


Q:  Anything else I should do?


Q: Also:  There are options you can set when you create a table.  Is there any way to access those options for a table already created?