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"sweep" profile to part

Question asked by Bob Jones on Mar 25, 2009
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2009 by Matt Lombard
I have a part that contains non-linear edges that need to be used as the contour of a sweep. The profile is constant but the edges are not(many different edges).

The original part is created using a script as it's easier to handle the non-linearities(at least I think so). This shouldn't matter except too much but I'd like to create the new sweeps in the script rather than do it by hand.

What I'd actually like to do is create get the "edge" from the part and use it as the contour for a sweep of a profile for another part. (repeated for each edge)

Or, create a "template" part that uses a "placeholder" contour for the sweep that I can simply replace when that part is imported into the assembly. When I try to do this manually I cannot change the contour(path) of the sweep using a curve off another part. When I select the edge it says "Please select from the solid body of the component you are editing".

Any Ideas?