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SW 2018 SP05 Student Edition Splash Screen Failure

Question asked by Adem Sancar on Feb 18, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 22, 2019 by Alexander Gentes



I got my 1-year licence key for Solidworks yesterday. I downloaded and installed SW 2018 SP03, when i tried to open it, splash screen came and says "Loading registry, Verifying Licence" and disappeared. I deleted it and downloaded SP05 and it says same thing. My system is not the best but i was able to use SW 2017 one year ago.


My system:

Lenovo IDEAPAD 300

AMD R5 M330 - Intel HD Graphics 520

Intel i5-6200U


Windows 10 PRO


Edit : I've solved my problem. I disabled one of my display adapters ( Intel ) and i am able to run SW right now.

Edit2: I've updated my graphic card's ( AMD R5 M330) driver and problem solved.