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Discussion created by Joel Gilbert on Feb 15, 2019
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This year was an unusual one for me on many fronts. Due to a number of concurrent events in my professional life my focus was quite different this year from the previous three. My focus this year was more on my own career and skillset, along with supporting SWUGN, EKGAR, etc. The previous three years I was concerned with absorbing as much information as I could to take back to train my team with since we had zero training budget and as a result I felt extremely mentally exhausted at the end of the week.


Without knowing the pricing models, etc. it's hard to say what effect the changes will make, but having thought about the changing focus since Monday's announcement here is my personal viewpoint:

  1. SW is, and for the foreseeable future, will continue to be an innovative 3D CAD solution whose design team is highly-responsive to users and the market
  2. DS sees SWW as having potential to connect the design and drafting process to the rest of business, which will ensure that SW continues to be an integral part of businesses' long-term plans
  3. The 3DExperience suite with their latest acquisitions has the potential to be a huge benefit for small- to medium-sized businesses in these areas:
    1. The ability to much more easily integrate SW data, including custom properties with ERP systems
    2. The opportunity to take advantage of some of the more advanced tools on a pay-per-use basis would be extremely beneficial to small teams that don't need to use simulation more than a couple times a year
    3. Sharing of information between design, sales, management, customers, shop floor, etc. could be greatly improved


My gut feeling is that there is still a lot left to be determined on the DS/SW end of things, as I don't think they know for sure how exactly it's all going to work. What is certain is that GPB and co. are excited about what's coming, and considering how well they have responded to their users' needs/wants in the continued development of SW, I am optimistic about what it means for us as CAD users.