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Need to create the leading and trailing edges of drone prop between top and bottom surfaces

Question asked by Nick Balch on Feb 18, 2019

Hey everyone,


I am new here, so please forgive/advise me if I am not following typical procedures or if I need to include more information/files/pictures/etc.  I have scanned a drone propeller with a 3D scanner and am trying to create the leading and trailing edges.  The Y-axis is from the center of the hub to the far edge of the prop blade.  The Z-axis is the axis of the central hub.  I am modeling only one of the 2 blades and will pattern it about the central hub.


In the scanner software:

I created surfaces on both the bottom and top of the blade (Surface 3 and Surface 4 in the .prt file).  Then, in the scanner software, I took a silhouette cross-section of the blade on the XY plane (Cross-section 2_1).  Next, I took 10 cross-sections on the XZ plane spaced 1mm apart (Cross-section 4_1 thru Cross-section 4_10).  I also took XZ cross-sections spaced 7.4mm apart (Cross-section 2_2 thru Cross-section 2_17).  Lastly, I took YZ cross-sections 3.5mm apart (Cross-section 3_1 thru Cross section 3_3).  I then exported all of this to SolidWorks.


In SolidWorks:

First, I extended my top and bottom surfaces so that they would for sure extend past my silhouette cross-section (Cross-section 2_1).  Then, I did a surface trim of the top and bottom surfaces with my silhouette cross section (Cross-section 2_1).


What I planned to do to get the leading and trailing edges:

On each cross-section on the XZ plane (Cross-section 4_1 thru Cross-section 4_10 and Cross-section 2_2 thru Cross-section 2_17), using a section view on each cross-sections respective plane, I used intersection curves to find where the top and bottom surfaces intersected the plane I was sketching on.  Then I sketched the curve of the leading and trailing edges with a style spline and matched the curvature as best I could to the cross-section curve; both ends of each spline made coincided with the intersection of the surface and cross-section curve.  Once my sketches were generated, I created a boundary surface from spline to spline.  I am aware I do not have direction lines as I did not get to this point yet; just wanted to see if the spline selection would work for boundary surfaces.


NOTE:  There were some cross-section curves that did not intersect with one of the surfaces (Cross-section 2_5, Cross-section 2_7, Cross-section 4_8, Cross-section 4_9, and Cross-section 4_10).  When creating my boundary surfaces, I could not select these as directions.  I also could not select them as profiles in a surface loft.



Is this how this should be done?  If anyone has any advice on why I cannot select the sketches listed in the "NOTE" or if I should be doing this process a completely different way, please teach me!


Thank you for your help.  I am using SolidWorks 2019.