Danny  McGee

Problems Saving Sw assembly as 3dxml

Discussion created by Danny McGee on Mar 25, 2009
Hi there. Being my first post sorry if its in the wrong place.

Basically i have a fairly large, complex model with numerous assemblies, i am trying to save the whole thing as a 3dxml file.

When i try and save the whole assembly i get the option to save as 3dxml and i am able to browse to the location i want to save it, but once i click save it goes straight back to the assembly. If i navigate to the saved location there is no file!! I thought maybe i saved it in the wrong location so i did a complete search for the file but it does not exsist.

Now the strange part. There is one sub assembly that i have been able to convert but im still unable to do so with the other parts.

Am i missing something fairly simple?

Not sure if it makes a difference but there are no errors, and all the parts are fully constrained.

Hope that makes sense

Thanks for any responses in advanced