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Schedules in Routing

Question asked by Patryk Halczak on Feb 17, 2019
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2020 by Peter Brinkhuis

I am struggling to understand Schedules. In generic sets Schedules are in the configuration names and In $prp@Specification, when I configure template I cannot edit Schedule field and it's automatically filled by string of text that does not match to anything, seems to be derived from Config name. In Piping and Tubing Database there is a column called Schedule and I also have no idea how to fill it in, does it read from Specification? Looks like but it does not work on my own set, ignores to display whatever is in Specification column of design table.


Could anyone who understands it explain the relationship and how to successfully use Schedules? It is eve more confusing when working with metric pipework (my case), I have options for DN and DIN, but pressure ratings are PN and I have no idea how to set fittings and pipe to pick correct wall thickness automatically when creating a route.


Lastly, when any routing component (pipe, fitting, etc.) is edited, do I have to refresh/update database in anyway?


Many thanks!





I figured out that Schedule is searched by configuration name that must contain string either Schedule or Sch and corresponding string in $prp@Specification. I cannot figure out though how DIN, DN... can be used and how can I represent PN6,10,16,25... without mixing different standards to get routing working. Did anyone have any luck configuring set in this way?


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