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What I Learned at SolidWorks World 2019

Discussion created by Thomas Allsup on Feb 15, 2019
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I'll prepare a proper PowerPoint presentation for the next meeting but here are my raw notes:



SolidWorks World 2019

Thomas Allsup

8:30AM General Session – Jim McKelvey (Co-founder Square) – Next year will be new name "3D Experience World" in Nashville

10:30-Noon Toby's Tips and Tricks - Toby Schnaars - Room C4 Ballroom

  • Tree
  • Tab / Shift Tab with mouse – hiding in assembly
  • Mate reference in assembly – surface
  • Quick mates – control key surfaces like a flat surface and a cylinder
  • Setup page up and page down between sheets
  • Assembly evaluation – triangle
  • Fit spline
  • Demo.solidworks-sell,com/vew.toby2019

1:30-2:30 SOLIDWORKS 3D Sketching, Curves and Surfacing - Cami Florence - Room C1 Ballroom

  • Worked exact examples from Weldments textbook about 3D sketching – nothing new.

2:45-3:45 3D Draftsight Cloud (Beta)

  • Will be released in March
  • Anyone with subscription will get a license (or request at
  • Standard will probably be free
  • Premium cost is not announced yet but will be for 12 months at a time and will 5g of cloud storage
  • 60% of commands from desktop will be available in cloud version
  • Load .dwg, .dxf, .pdf files
  • Save .dwg, .dxf, .stl files (locally and on the cloud)
  • External reference drawings function
  • Don’t plan on replacing desktop version
  • Training video will be available soon

4:30-5:30 SWUGN

  • First post Richard Doyle SWUGN
  • Will need to access leader forum before each meeting
  • Audit will be done this year soon

Tuesday 2/12

8:30AM General Session (sales pitch for Experience)

10:30-Noon Bearded Beer Geeks Tips & Tricks - Dean Kerste - Edson Gebo - Room C4 Ballroom

  • Convert solid to sheet metal
  • 2019 skip trim on construction option
  • Filter box – “S” key
  • Bounding box on part 2016, on assemblies 2019
  • Merge tangent faces on sweep to get rid of tangent lines
  • Release control key first to move not copy
  • Intersection on a dome
  • Sketch tools – mirror (must be selected each time)
  • Used a point to a ellipse for a loft that used 4 guide splines
  • P2D Decal format – select standard and then browse for .jpg or .png)
  • Mirror threads will make CCW threads so pattern instead
  • RMB on feature to roll back bar
  • Control T will expand and collapse feature tree
  • Delete face
  • Fillet and Chamfer will use a selection window
  • Lock concentricity to stop parts from rotating
  • Verification on rebuild (VOR) will

1:30-2:30 Introducing DraftSight 3D Design - Johnathen Lieber - Room Arts District 6, Omni Hotel

  • Adding parametric modeling
  • Contours
  • Primitives (torus is cool)
  • Solids Boolean Modeling
  • No feature tree (or reordering either)
  • Menus – Classic, 3D modeling, or Drafting & Annotations
  • DraftSight Weld = AutoCAD PEDIT
  • Polysolid = Walls
  • Fillet and chamfers available
  • .STL file output (also ACIS or SAT file) for rapid prototyping
  • and fill out survey for $25 Amazon card

2:45-3:45 Modelling Curvy Stuff – Controlling the “Flow” of Isoparms and Why that Matters a Lot - Ed Eaton - Room C4 Ballroom

  • Isoparms or “UV Lines” – these are a mesh lines that describe faces
  • Add connector along the edge to adjust isoparms
  • Patches want to be four sided
  • Zebra stripes are like lights from a venetian blinds
  • C0 – contact, C1 – tangent, C2 – constant curvature

4:30-5:30  Surfacing Tools for Solid Designs: A Hybrid Modeling Method - Chris Mowatt - Room C142

  • I have been through this training before (didn’t realize it until it started)

Wednesday 2/13

8:30AM  Macros – Keith Rice - C140

  • Macros (.swp), Add-in (.dll), Stand-alone(.exe)
  • VBA,, C## (this is a .NET tool too), C++
  • Default units is meters, kilograms, and seconds
  • Stand-alone can be installed
  • Using record for Macro is a crutch
  • Video Studio Community is free
  • Add 1994 to Major number to get current year (version)
  • A single license of SolidWorks can launch many copies on a single system
  • Add-in’s are the hardest to work with since they have to registered with COM and SolidWorks and they have two new calls for CONNECT and DISCONNECT
  • Only thing you have to ask for is document key for your own PDM (free with subscriptions)
  • “Regasm.exe” performs registry edits
  • He prefers Bitbucket (we use Github)
  • Telerik Code Converter C## to

10:30-Noon General Session – Leland Melvin (Former NASA Astronaut and NFL player)

1:30-2:30  Sweeping – C140

  • Solid sweep using a multibody like a cutting tool
  • Add lofted section will cut a loft and create a sketch
  • Loft between nonplanar surfaces
  • 2019 Slice Tool
  • Need to investigate Macro feature

2:45-3:45  ASME vs ISO GPS GD&T Standards: MBD Applications to Eliminate Confusion - Alessandro Tornincasa - Room C147

  • ASME Y14.5 – 1905 Taylor (Envelope) Principle which states perfect form required at MMC – much simpler to ISO1101 – allows for a general profile all over (not in ISO) – requires form tolerances to be smaller than size tolerances – 1 document – 215 pages – about $200, every 10 to 15 years, hard gaging – can only use position tolerances with features of size, uses “.” to separate whole and decimal numbers
  • ISO1101 – Principle of Independency – has a weird “Common” note – form tolerances can be larger than size tolerances – 150 documents – 100 Euros apiece, Updates 1993, 2004, 2012,2017, expected in 2019, easier on CMM, duality principle – can use positional tolerances with any feature, uses “,” to separate whole and decimal numbers
  • ISO8105-2011 states you use envelope principle before 2011 and independency afterwards (unless you add the circled “E” symbol).
  • Parts sent to shops with 2D drawings or MBD are 70% slower
  • You can add notes to library
  • Notes in MBD can be set so they don’t move with 3D part rotations