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Goodbye Solidworks World

Question asked by Dwight Livingston on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 19, 2019 by Eric Beatty

Goodbye Solidworks World


No more Solidworks World for Solidworks users. This week in Dallas, at the last Solidworks World, I got my backpack at the Partner Pavilion and, as you can see, next year there will be instead a "3DExperience World".


I can see why they didn't hand them out at registration. It would have been confusing.


You might think this is some sort of rebranding. At past conventions I got the idea that's what it was, just a different name for the same thing. This year Dassault made their vision clear to me, or at least I think I am finally getting it. It's not a new name for the same thing. It's a different program. They do not plan to make xDesign as capable as Solidworks. It's something else, on a different platform. No threat to Solidworks, except the loss of a convention.


At lunch on day 3, Aaron Kelly, Product Management and Marketing Executive, very nicely stopped by our table and we talked about the whole thing. I appreciate the effort to connect, but I am not pleased with his message. When I said I wondered if there would be fewer people going to the convention next year, he said he thought there would be more people, and they'd be different people.


Different people? Oh, I see. It's not about me anymore.


He doesn't mean that Solidworks will be excluded. We are still invited to the party. They will have a room for us in the basement. That's pretty much how it was this year. Top ten ideas were presented in the convention basement.


Gian Paolo Bassi loves my passion. I am pretty sure he says that every convention. But my passion is Solidworks, not 3DExperience.


What's your passion?