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Dimensions auto arrange balloons collision

Question asked by Kamil Bojdol on Feb 15, 2019

Hello. I am making automatic drawings creation of some complex class of frames and I see that SolidWorks has a good dimensions auto arrangement function. I would want to use it, but I would also want to have balloons between dimensions and view, as it is hard to put them somewhere else. Auto arrangement function doesn't see balloons, so it puts dimensions in position where it overlaps with balloons. One solution that I have is to draw circles in the same positions that balloons are, then automatic placement of dimensions avoids circles, so there are no overlaps, but maybe somebody has some nicer solution to it? Maybe it is a way of changing the base offset distance of auto arrangement function, so I can create a space for balloons somehow?


Calculating position of each dimension when we have such great tool would be sad.