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Can't click on anything / Solidworks interface is "locked"

Question asked by Austin Broeker on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jul 13, 2020 by Gabriel Didier

Has anyone else experienced a frozen or "locked" interface and/or graphics window where it won't let you click anything, but for all intents and purposes Solidworks still seems to be running? This has happened several times since we upgraded to 2018 about a month ago - I try to add another component to an assembly by holding CTRL and dragging from the feature tree, but Solidworks seems to have a hiccup during the process and everything locks up. It won't let me select anything in the graphics window, as well as not allowing me to select any buttons in the command manager or close out of the program. Solidworks still responds to my 3D mouse and keyboard commands, and it will allow my to switch between open Solidworks windows if I select one from the Windows taskbar, but it won't recognize any other input from my regular mouse. I also don't seem to be able to open up any other files in Solidworks while this is going on. I don't get any sort of warning messages or dialog popups when the problem occurs, it just goes from working to suddenly not working when I try to add components using CTRL + drag (which is unfortunate because I use that method a lot).


I guess it's not a huge deal since I was able to use CTRL + S to save my work before killing the Solidworks process via Task Manager, but it's still frustrating. Has anyone else seen this behavior? I don't recall ever having this problem when we were on 2017. Everything seems to go back to normal after restarting Solidworks - I was able to add the same component to the same assembly using the same method without issue after restarting, it just seems to be random chance that causes the lockup issue.


For the record, I'm running SW 2018 SP 5.0. This problem doesn't seem to be file-specific, and the assembly I was working in when this happened was fairly small - 11 components total, only 8 of them unique. I only had the assembly and one part file open at the time the problem occurred. I'm using a Lenovo ThinkPad P50 laptop with the latest drivers installed.