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Remove local view created by someone else

Discussion created by Paul Wyndham on Feb 14, 2019
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If you have ever tried to remove a local view only to be presented with an error message like this one:


This year at SWW 2019, Tor gave away a little gem of information.


Open a command window (type cmd in the windows start menu search box on the start menu or task bar).


The local views don't show up when you list the directory with "dir"


So, just type it in with the cd command "cd vaultname".

Similarly the directory of the local view will not be able to be displayed using dir.


You need to modify the desktop.ini file in the folder.

Just type "notepad.exe desktop.ini" into the command prompt.


When Notepad comes up take a look at the AttachedBy line and change the username to yours.

Save the file and close out of Notepad.


Now when you Attempt to remove the local view it will work as it is supposed to. It will probably make you reboot to finalize the delete function.



I attempted to just delete the desktop.ini file but since it is hidden the delete function can't find it.