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Could a collection of VARs and Solidwork Users reconsitute SWW independant of DSS?

Question asked by Todd Turner on Feb 15, 2019
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2020 by Steve Calvert

We all learned at the last Solidworks World.... the surprise of the Conference ….. a first day announcement that rippled through the entire event.


For 21 years Solidworks and its community of users have gathered together to talk shop, share hints, hon skills and learn whats new. As someone who grew up with Solidworks, using it first release in early 1996, I wondered about those first gatherings in Palm springs, then the growing enthusiasm of the chance to talk with the developers, other users, and grow one’s skill set. Eventually catching 17, the best I can remember, Solidworks Worlds over the years, and having the opportunity become a power user, and improve my skill in everyone I attended. This year like every had a wide selection of invaluable training sessions they call break outs. Every year without exception I have improved my skills. Over the years they have had some of the best speakers one could imagine Burt Rutan, The Woz, Richard Branson, James Cameron, Leonard Nemo, Michio Kaku ….. and several celebrities.

Maybe, it’s no longer an event about end users of Solidworks, but more about the VAR network, the Press, and yearly gathering DSS employees? In the end there is nothing wrong with that, its just as an end user of Solidworks who gained so much from past SolidWorks World with its user focus (must attend event), it is pretty disappointing to see that end to become a 5 day pitch of cloud based solutions. Let’s hope some value to Solidworks users remains next year, with the 3Dwhateveryoucallit World 2020. In the end I am not upset at all, just a bit disappointed and concerned.

So is there a opportunity to revive the event in its form that was so useful in the past. Small enough to be in smaller more affordable venues like the old days. With a focus not on what VARs can sell in the future, what speeches given by CEOs that seem to have little insight on really users issues, what ads can be slipped in the General session..... but a real focus on Solidworks users and how to make the product better and them more efficient?

Maybe it is dumb idea, but I think watering down the Solidworks community or absorbing that base to a bit unwilling roll that group in a new Cloud based semi-incompatible universe, MAY BE WORSE?