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Hole wizard countersink tolerance showing up inconsistently

Question asked by William Knapper on Feb 14, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by S. Casale

I have a bit of a weird situation where, when I open a drawing on my computer, a countersink hole diameter tolerance on a hole wizard dimensions is set at +/- 0 (and the property manager shows the tolerance set to symmetric), but when coworkers open up the same file, the countersink hole tolerance is set to 'None' in the property manager and the dimension displays correctly (no tolerance). Another odd, maybe-related thing is that in the property manager of the hole wizard dimension, I only have three options in the Callout value drop-down menu (hole diameter, CS diameter, CS angle), whereas my coworkers have four (my three plus a 'THRU ALL' option)


We use the same version of Solidworks [Premium 2017], and since this is a file from the Solidworks PDM vault we're certain it's the same file (I checked and double-checked that we both had the latest version of the file). We use the same drafting standard (also stored in the vault). I checked the file location for the hole wizard callout format file and it's pointing to the correct local folder. I've tried restarting both Solidworks and my computer several times.


Any ideas?