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How to task schedule adding configuration to parts within an assembly

Question asked by Patrick Mueller on Feb 14, 2019

I have a model that has ~200 parts. Imagine flooring laid out and broken into pieces so a flat long surface broken into parts.  Some duplicates some not. I want to cut these pieces out of sheets of ply wood and I nest these pieces out to cut on a CNC cutter. I then need to label the parts to identify where they go during installation, a position number. Now I also need to pack them into 3 different packages, left side, right side and middle for easier end user installation. The pieces are already nested but do not correlate to where they need to be packed. so one sheet will have parts that need to be packed for the left side, right side and also the middle. Our solution is to put a packing number on the part. To do this we output the BOM from the assembly that we use to make the printing programs. We currently do this to get the position number. The problem is if the part with the number 1212 is used twice and one is packed in the left side and the second is packed in the right side. We need the BOM to distinguish this in a single column. Our current solution is to make different configurations where the part is the same but the custom property is unique to where it is packed. This way we can make the left side, right side and middle their own sub assembly in our model and set the configuration to match which sub assembly it is in. Then I can set the BOM up to split up the parts by configuration. This should all work. I have to now do this to about 50 unique floors/surfaces and I don't want to make each configuration by hand. I can't find a task schedular that would let me throw a sub assembly in there and it would make a new configuration (all with the same name) for each part in that sub assembly. Then I could use task schedular to add the configuration specific property for each sub assembly.