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How to make relation between two point data sets of solidworks in excel.

Question asked by Praharsha Reddy Karri on Feb 14, 2019


I have to make a relation of the flattened point data to original point data (please check the attachment). That means I made some holes on the component and flattened the surfaces. After that I pointed some 3D sketch points on the flattened surface and to the original component too (on the circumference of the hole). Now, i have to export the XYZ coordinate data as excel (.csv)file, I exported them separately. But, I have to make a relation of the point data on the flattened one  from the original hole point (XYZ coordinate point on the flatten one and XYZ coordinate point on the original component hole)   should be in the row in excel "In order to plot them in MATLAB".


Can you please suggest me (if possible) how to arrange those two points data in a row (the point on the flattened hole and the point on the original hole which is reference for the flattened point).