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How to exclude surface from aligned section?

Question asked by Chris HB on Feb 13, 2019



I have a simple piece of bent sheet aluminum. The lower tab is bent at 5 degrees from the vertical axis and it has a hole in it. I wish to show the tab and hole in a side view in it's true shape (not foreshortened). I've succeeded partially by using an aligned section however the section is showing material from the opposite (left hand side) flange. I wish to show only the right side flange unforshortened by rotating the lower tab 5 degrees such that the hole is normal to the viewing plane. I tried making a cutting line from within the front view but oddly, SW projects the view out of the top view (as shown in the second picture).


Any way to exclude the left hand side of the model or use another technique to show the right flange such that the hole is a circle and not an oval in the side view?