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increasing of executing time

Question asked by Nazar Maslov on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Justin Pires

Hi all.


In short - I have some script, which builds a detail (I'm creating new Part and closing it at the end). The script runs from add-in in Taskpane (I specify how many iterations I need). During the script's works, it logs the time spent on actions and total time.


And I faced a problem: increasing of time spent on script's performing during a cycle.

For example, on the first few iterations I have next distribution (the first one is always bigger) (sec):

15.893, 15.048, 15.110, 15.624, 15.020, 14.938

After 145 iterations:

17.360, 17.423, 17.407, 17.423, 17.454, 17.470

After 295 iterations:

19.048, 18.985, 19.126, 18.985, 19.157, 19.204


And I'm looking for a way how to get stable performing duration results.

Do someone have any idea what's going on and why the results' time is increasing?