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    Spending most of my day looking at the "SOLIDWORKS is busy" window .

    Martin Jensen

      I'm spending most of my days looking at the "SOLIDWORKS is busy running the ### command" window .

      Pretty much anything I do, results in that window. The window itself is not the problem, but the time wasted while SW is processing a function.


      I am well aware that some commands takes longer than other, and I often work with some quite large assemblies - but it also happens on parts, drawings and smaller assemblies.

      But since I've installed SW 2019 (sp1), everything has taken much longer - I'm not talking a few seconds longer, but minutes, and sometimes I'll have to end the SW process and start all over (one earlier today was hanging for 30 minutes before I decided to start all over).

      A few days ago I had to disable the autosave/recover function, simply because it took 5 minutes to save every 30 minutes (it was 20min first, but I changed that to 30 and later disabled it).


      It's not just one command/function, but anything - force rebuild, open or save files, update drawing and view palettes etc.

      Besides the time spend on running functions, It usually takes 4-8 minutes just to open my most used larger assemblies.


      Looking at the task manager, Solidworks doesn't take up a lot of resources.


      Anyone experiencing similar, or have an idea why?



      My setup:

      SolidWorks Pro 2019 SP1





      32GB ram

      i7-5820K 3.30GHz

      Local SSD disc

      Nvidia Quadro K2000


      My colleague is also experiencing this more often than before SW2019.