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Spending most of my day looking at the "SOLIDWORKS is busy" window .

Question asked by Martin Jensen on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Jun 26, 2020 by The Merovingien

I'm spending most of my days looking at the "SOLIDWORKS is busy running the ### command" window .

Pretty much anything I do, results in that window. The window itself is not the problem, but the time wasted while SW is processing a function.


I am well aware that some commands takes longer than other, and I often work with some quite large assemblies - but it also happens on parts, drawings and smaller assemblies.

But since I've installed SW 2019 (sp1), everything has taken much longer - I'm not talking a few seconds longer, but minutes, and sometimes I'll have to end the SW process and start all over (one earlier today was hanging for 30 minutes before I decided to start all over).

A few days ago I had to disable the autosave/recover function, simply because it took 5 minutes to save every 30 minutes (it was 20min first, but I changed that to 30 and later disabled it).


It's not just one command/function, but anything - force rebuild, open or save files, update drawing and view palettes etc.

Besides the time spend on running functions, It usually takes 4-8 minutes just to open my most used larger assemblies.


Looking at the task manager, Solidworks doesn't take up a lot of resources.


Anyone experiencing similar, or have an idea why?



My setup:

SolidWorks Pro 2019 SP1





32GB ram

i7-5820K 3.30GHz

Local SSD disc

Nvidia Quadro K2000


My colleague is also experiencing this more often than before SW2019.