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2019 SP1:  Make Independent no longer works

Question asked by Iain Hendry on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by Iain Hendry

"Make Independent" is a fantastic way to work especially when doing concept layouts and there are many iterations of parts and assemblies.


We waited until SP1.0 came out and just upgraded to 2019.  The "Make Independent" functionality seems totally broken.


  • Previous behaviour was that you would right-click a file, hit "Make Independent" and a file dialogue box would pop up.  The box would already be in the same folder where your part was, with the name of the original part already populating the text field.  You'd hit save and life was good.
  • Now, a box comes up that says "Open" (not Save) which makes no sense - and it's browsed to a random folder (for me, it's "Downloads").  Browsing to the proper destination and entering a filename gives a "File not Found" error when clicking "Open" (which again makes no sense).  Clicking Cancel is the only way to get out of it otherwise you're stuck in a loop.
  • THEN, what appears to be the proper "Save As" dialogue comes up, but no mater what you do you get an error that you can't replace a component of the same name (I'm not!!)...
  • Browsing manually in Windows Explorer shows it did in fact make the renamed instance, but it just didn't replace it.


This is infuriating, when will this be fixed?!