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Frequency Response simulation for Ultrasonic Horn

Question asked by simon cou on Feb 13, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Ryan Dark

The main aim is for me to tune the Horn to match the frequency of the transducer which is 40 kHz, I am trying to simulate this in SW.

When I first ran the simulation, SW produced five resonant frequencies ranging from 1000-8000Hz, however I found an option to increase the modal results. Why does SW produce five result to begin with, is there any particular reason.

Secondly, when I altered the modes to around 20 the frequencies ranged from 1000- 20000Hz

How can I be able to produce the response I am looking for. I.e. a linear vibration motion with a frequency around 40 kHz, also where would one recommend the fixings, would this be the connection on the shafts of the connecting plate as I only wish the horn to vibrate.?