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Modifying threads for 3d printing

Question asked by Jeff Mason on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Jeff Mason

Hello all!


I am a long time SW user and have run up against a problem that I can't seem to get around. I am trying to 3D print some threads created in SW. The problem is that when I print threads they are too tight and will not work. At first I thought it was my model. However, I went to McMaster and downloaded a screw and nut of the same size/pitch and printed them and they are equally tight. Clearly, this is a problem with FDM 3d printing and not a problem with SW. What I am trying to do is to figure out how to compensate.


Matterhackers is one of the bigger companies that sell filament and they put out how to articles

How To 3D Print Hardware from McMaster-Carr | MatterHackers


If you read towards the bottom they suggest non-uniformly scaling the threads in the x and y axis down to get a looser fit. That is fine if all you are trying to do is to print a screw/nut from McMaster but much more of a problem if the threads are integral to your model...


Thoughts and ideas I have tried

  1. From my understanding you can scale a part in SW but you cannot scale an individual feature. As you can see from the attached model "grip" The threads are part of the model. I suppose I could split the part and scale just the threads but that seems like a half hearted fix...
  2. I really want to be able to use the thread feature in SW2018. I know I could go back to the old school way of modeling my own threads but I REALLY thought those days were behind me.
  3. One YouTube Video suggested filleting the threads. I am running that print as I type this.


Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to efficiently fix this problem? Or even have an idea that I have not mentioned?