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Swept Cut Failed to Complete

Question asked by Wes Buschman on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Paul Salvador

Hello Everyone,


I'm working on modeling a glove-like object.  In order to 3D print the model with a minimum of support material I need to bevel the edges to a hard point all the way around the outside of the model.  The model is wedge-shaped, so a simple chamfer operation will not do it.  I've been trying to get a swept cut to work but as soon as I have a curve in my sweep path the operation fails to complete.


In my sketch called "Swept Cut Profile" there is a single straight line and a short curve.  If I delete the short curve the sweep will work.  With the curve in place, however, the sweep fails.


I need the sweep to go all the way around the profile of the object as shown in the "Required Sweep Path" sketch.


Any and all help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!


-Wes Buschman