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    Double listing of tasks in PDM

    Drew Drew

      I went to add a new task or edit a task and it duplicated our Convert to PDF task. But when I go to delete one it deletes both! Any way to sort this out?


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          Sam Sam



          As I did not try to make it - it is impossible to me.

          And what in Tasks/History?

          Deletes both, and creates two too?

          Try to create a task under other name.

          Or under other user.


          Still you can look in SQL base - dbo.Tasks and the connected tables


          But at first try just in Administration - to refresh vault or Server.

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            Lars Uhlenhaut

            SPR# 716023

            Duplicate (multiple) tasks show in Administration tool if user has task permission via group and is member of multiple groups Open Reproduced using EPDM 2012 SP5, Windows 7 x64 & EPDM 2013 SP3, Windows 8 x64

            1. Use a vault that has tasks enabled.

            2. Create two groups, add 'Admin' to both groups.

            3. Open the task, remove explicit task permission for the 'Admin' user and add permission to one of the two groups.

            4. Minimize and expand the Tasks node. The same task will now show up twice.

            Please open a SR to speed up an update to this problem. We had this problem earlier this year.

            As workaround we didn't use groups for the rights, only users. It solved the problem for us. I hope you don't have too much users!

            Or maybe it helps to remove the admin from the groups.

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                Drew Drew

                Good to know, thanks. As of now I'm just not copying and pasting tasks. So far the other tasks I created didn't duplicate but I am a part of multiple groups, so that's no doubt the issue. How do I open an SR and will Dassault really do anything about it?

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                    Paul Wyndham

                    To create an SR you need to contact your reseller and have them do that. Make sure you tell them about SPR 716023.


                    Otherwise you could log into the customer portal. Go to the Knowledge base, search for that number (without the SPR) then use the button on the left side for "Yes, but notify me when this is fixed. (SPR only)"

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                        Drew Drew

                        Thanks. I'll do this when I get a free minute!    

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                            Sam Sam

                            I think that the offered by Lars Uhlenhaut can be possible the most proty decision - to remove Admin from all groups.

                            First, because it is not recommended to include Admin in any groups (I cannot give the reference to the source now).

                            Secondly, that I had different problems too when included users in several groups then I ceased to do it.


                            By the way there is still a question: type of an entrance of SQL or Domain groups? And how access to Archive Server is adjusted? On Groups or Users? Or both?

                            Perhaps here it is necessary to bring order - I have only groups. Domain.

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                      Eero Luotio

                      I was able to fix this at our system by exporting all tasks at administration and then overwriting them with that export file.