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SolidWorks motion analysis help - Cart motor calculation.

Question asked by Heshantha Manupriya on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Mar 5, 2019 by Zhang Galen


I'm try to calculate motor torque & power required to drive a cart using SW.

I have try with motion analysis tool and the result was not practical.


Following are the details of cart.


Front two wheels are drive using a single gear motor.

Wheels and rails are mild steel.

Wheel diameter-300mm

Weight of cart- 40 Ton (Approximately).

Maximum moving speed of cat 0.1m/s.(Wheel move 40 dig/s)

Within 5 minutes the cart need to reach it maximum linear speed.

The 3D model attached with motion analysis which i have done. (SW 2018)


Cart concept



Please highlight what are the mistakes i have done.

How to get real value.


Thank you.