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    How works SelectByRay?

    Maciej Mazik

      Hello everybody

      I have question about SelectByRay function. This function takes x,y,z point to start and vector x,y,z to show direct.

      Now, I have 2 squareness, I added 2 points3D (green points) to show location.


      Now, Im trying to choose orange face.

      With this code:

      startPointX = 1.5
      startPointY = 1
      startPointZ = 1.1
      rayVecX = 0
      rayVecY = 0
      rayVecZ = -1
      radius = 0.01
      status = model.Extension.SelectByRay(startPointX, startPointY, startPointZ, rayVecX, rayVecY, rayVecZ, radius, 2, False, 1, 0)



      In my opinion Im trying to make something like this:

      I choose point and vector which is close face and direct to orange face.

      Could somebody explained me how it work? And how choose this face if I got co-ordinates of her. Before this method I used SelectByID2, but Its sometimes select wrong faces.