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Convert word doc to PDF by triggering task using workflow transition

Question asked by Tiara Tan on Feb 11, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Greg H.

Hi All,


I want to convert the word doc to PDF files in my PDM vault.


This is the flow of converting a word file to a PDF file:


1. Word doc is created and checked-in

2. Word doc undergoes state transitions: Change state -> Submit for approval -> word doc 'Approved' -> a) Word doc is published and b) Files revision increased -> Convert word doc to PDF

3. Conversion of word doc to PDF is being done by triggering a task by using the workflow transition (shown below):

4. In PDM Admin, the task to execute 'Office to PDF' has the following settings below:

The vault log path is saved in the folder directory I want it to be saved.

I have 'SOLIDWORKS PDF Task Add-in' as my add-in for this settings.


When I go to 'Task List' in PDM Admin, the task status shows 'OK', and I even received an email stating the conversion was successful as configured in 'Success Notifcation'. However, the converted files log was empty and the word to PDF conversion did not work.


Does anyone have any idea where I went wrong?