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Solidworks intermittently runs slow

Question asked by Jeff Benning on Feb 10, 2019

I've been using Solidworks regularly for about six months and about once or twice a month, Solidworks decides to run painfully slow, especially since upgrading to 2019.  It can take a full 2 minutes to sketch and extrude a rectangle.  I've researched this quite a bit and everyone seems to lead to driver errors.  However the intermittency of my problem would make it seem that it can't be the drivers because if I shut off my computer and come back the next day, SW runs fine.


I also use Inventor and Blender fairly regularly on the same computer and the issues with Solidworks seem to arise whenever I have two of the programs open at the same time or quickly close one and open the other.  This might just be in my head because I don't see how they could be related but I'm really out of options as to what it could be.


Any help or suggestions would be appreciated, thanks.