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    SolidWorks/PDM 2018 hotfix list

    Lars Uhlenhaut

      I just got a hotfix from our VAR that solved our PDM problem. I was not aware of the existance of this hotfix, since it was not listet on the SW customer portal or knowledge base. That was not the first time, that I got a hotfix 'under the table'. I am wondering why they are not published? It would be a great help to browse through those hotfixes and look, which one could help you. Sure, you must not install *every* hotfix that is listed. And it is the best to request these hotfixes at your VAR for download. But if there is a list, you could ask more specific for a certain hotfix. I don't want a free download access for these hotfixes. Just a knowledge of their existance. I would propose to list these hotfixes here. And maybe in a new thread titled 'SolidWorks 2019 hotfix list'.

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          Lars Uhlenhaut

          Hotfix for: SPR 1101485, SPR 1089597, SPR 1107457


          I got it for SW/PDM 2018 SP5 from 'Instructions.txt" -file in archive:

          SPR#1101485 - Right-click on file in search result from standalone search tool (search.exe) can crash tool if vault contains multiple .Net add-ins showing context menu options - crashes in 'ucrtbase.dll'

          SPR#1089597 - WIN7 SPECIFIC: CRASH on using an API addin hooking a button on a datacard - crashes in 'ucrtbase.dll'

          SPR#1107457 - API add-in hooking on change state cause Explorer and Search tool to crash - Crashes in 'ucrtbase.dll' * Windows 7 specific*


          Update needs to be applied on all client systems.

          We use Windows 10 instead of Windows 7, but it works fine for us. No more crashes so far in ucrtbase.dll.