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Need advice!  Can not utilize solidworks to it's potential on current system

Question asked by Michael woodcock on Feb 9, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 10, 2019 by Michael woodcock

Hey guys, I'm having lots of issues on my system with solidworks just locking up, the spinning wheel of death, not loading STL 3d scans, you name it. 


Previously RAM was an issue, upgraded to 32GB


My computer is a little outdated,

Processor: Intel Core I5 3570K (not overclocked and never overclocked, liquid cooled, the only thing I did was upp voltage 0.05 volts to deal with a possible stability issue that was probably an OS/software/driver issue) liquid cooling, etc.

RAM: 32GB GSKILL with very good latency numbers

Graphics: NVIDIA quadro fx4800 with no overclocking, up to date drivers, all that stuff

Motherboard: ASROCK Z75 pro


Solidworks never usilizes my system anywhere near it's full optential.  I see at most about 30% CPU usage, 10% GPU usage, and like 20% ram usage


I am trying to do very basic 3d scanning of things around my house and extract the scans from solid blocks which I can then 3d print to make tool holders, mounting brackets, drawer organizers, you name it. 


I am trying to work with a 3d scan provided on the software from 3dsystems their sense scanner. 


I can not work with it reliably so I have not bought the 3d scanner yet, but I really need to get organized to work through school

I have the educational version of solidworks if that makes a difference.  Some of my class projects would be so easy if I could 3d scan things and work off that data.  Oh also the computers at my school are worse than my home computer for solidworks ad they use the built in graphics so my best option is to work at home, with the 2017 version of solidworks, i can not use the newer version because the teacher uses the older one, cant open new files, and then we get a zero on our assignments. 


so that's what I have to work with, my older computer, older solidworks student version, (can;t update due to teachers older version, unless I can save files backwards compatible, teacher checks design tree)  and I want to be able to work with 3d scans. 


Can I work with settings, or do I need to upgrade to a newer/more solidworks friendly system?