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Breaking an assembly down for analysis (DFMEA)

Question asked by Philip Prendeville on Feb 9, 2019

I do Design Failure Mode Effects Analysis on our mechanical designs. I use a combination of SolidWorks and VR to do this. Could anyone suggest what the easiest way is to mock up an assembly and go analyse it part by part? So for example, if an assembly has a base plate as its' foundation, uprights and other miscellaneous tooling and then standard off the shelf parts within the assembly, at the moment I'm trying to arrange them in order of how they would fit together. Then i'd hide everything bar the base plate and start unhiding parts in the order that I think they would logically fit together/be mechanically assembled. This logical process helps me to identify potential failure modes easier than looking at the full assembly and zooming and spinning it around.


Not sure is there an easier method than this. I'm open to all suggestions as the time to rearrange parts in the feature tree is making the whole process inefficient I feel.