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Display is not working when solid works runs full screen

Question asked by Jay Patel on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 14, 2019 by Jay Patel

Been having this issue since I downloaded SolidWorks 2018-2019 fresh on my computer. Since loading it up, every time I had loaded up the program the screen and everything would appear but would be extremely laggy and glitchy. I thought my laptop couldn't handle it so I ran the diagnostics tool and saw the GPU was not recognized for some reason. Hence I changed my NVIDIA settings so it would run off my integrated graphics, and nothing, same blank logo with a glitchy screen on which I couldn't draw anything.

After redownloading the program I experienced the same results. I had gone to close the window and accidentally clicked the minimize button. And it minimized and everything began running smoothly. The program took up half my screen and ran without issues, I could draw and fully work with the products I had produced only on a minimized portion of the screen.

Although I can use it with a smaller screen, is there any way of resolving this issue so I could run the program with my graphics card on a fullscreen display? I would very much appreciate using the program on a full 1080p screen rather than half of it.

Attached is a screenshot of the diagnostic report from the test using my GPU if it does help you in any way.