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How do you like to manage shells? (Shell manager has limitations)

Question asked by Loren Sackett on Feb 8, 2019
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2020 by Attilio Colangelo

How do you like to manage shells? I'm really hoping that you know something cool that I don't.


I am analyzing a dump trailer (60,000 lb capacity). I have modeled it with shells and have about 500 surface bodies. I applied the thickness to the shells using the shell manager. I have then copied the study 8 times for 8 different loading conditions.


There are some things I don't like about this workflow and I'm hoping you have better ideas:


1. The shell manager is SLOW!!! Click then wait, then type a number, then wait. Sometimes I would only have to wait half a second. Other times it would take a few seconds. Multiply by a few hundred times and this really sucked. Then I would click the green check to exit the shell manager and would have to wait a long time (up to 21 minutes).


2. The other thing I don't like about my workflow is that each shell thickness is defined in each study. If I want to change a thickness, I will have to change it 8 different times. I could have linked the thickness to a global variable, but that would have required setting up hundreds of global variables (which also sucks).


Do you have any better ideas? Is there a way to define the thickness in the part file (like you can define the material)? How do you like to manage shells?