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assembly frequency simulation

Question asked by Seongwoo Oh on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2019 by Ryan Dark

The image below shows that I can run a frequency analysis for a single piece by specifying which surface comes in contact with noise/vibration under 'fixtures.'

one body simulation.PNG


I am trying to do something similar with a cylindrical shell hanging by springs from a metalic piece.


The metalic piece is going to be the source of vibration and I want to know how that vibration will transmit through the springs and excite the cylindrical shell (assembly shown below).


assembly simulation.PNG


I would appreciate it if I could be provided with some guidance as to how best to do it.


As can be seen below, I can run frequency simulations of assembly files with the cylindrical shell and top and bottom caps on.


without screws and springs.PNG

But if I attempt to do the same with the springs (cosmetic), screws, and the ceiling the springs hang from, I get an error message with the mesh for some reason.