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checking assembly files into vault with existing parts already in the vualt

Question asked by Brian Hoerner on Feb 7, 2019
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I am sure this is easy for you all, so, keeping it simple.


we are just moving from Workgroup into the wide and weird world of SolidWorks PDM Professional.


One confusing issue I am having trouble with.  I have checked assembly and part files into the vault, no problem, files are not checked out.  When I place files into the local view that have parts already in the vault, I get the expected file already exist in vault, needs a unique file name.


What i want is for the assembly I am checking in, to find/reference the existing files in other folders, The file with the same part that is already in the vault, shows up in the local view, as checked out by me, but, it cannot be put into the vault since technically it already exists.  But currently there does not seem to be any relationship to the original part that was already in the vault.


You may need more info, so feel free to ask away.


Thanks for any help you can be, want to go live very soon, and this is a very simple light vault, not a lot of things going on




To Clarify:

In a PDM Project folder I have an assembly with many parts, what I would like to do, is place a legacy assembly file in the PDM Vault that uses many of the same parts into a different Project folder.


In a folder on my c: drive, I have a full assembly that I want to put into the PDM Vault.  When I drop all of the files of the assembly (including parts it is using) in the local view of the new Project file, I get the expected response that some of the files already exist in the problem, expected.


What I believe should happen is that when placing the new assembly into the vault, and it finds files that already exist in the vault, it should use those already vaulted files in that assembly replacing the parts that are in the folder on my desktop so that when I check the Assembly into the Vault, all files that already existed in the Vault should be connected to the new vaulted assembly.


Waiting on a call from the VAR, hopefully they can help me understand the reference aspect better