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Flow Simulation Warning: Radiation wall condition has been changed to White Body on insulator

Question asked by Ken Schreiner on Feb 7, 2019

I'm running a simulation (in Solidworks 2017 flow simulation) of a CCA to determine the max temperature of the components when powered. I sucessfully ran the simulation with radiation turned off, but now that I've turned radiation on I'm getting this error, "Radiation wall condition has been changed to White Body on insulator" but I'm not sure why it needs to be changed nor which surfaces. The default wall condition is 'non-radiating surfaces'. I'm using the 'two-resistor' model for most components (including the ones pictured in the 'CCA pic') and a couple as solid materials.


The 'CCA pic' (below) shows a portion of the board with 2 components, the top surface of one is marked with a circle and the side with an X. when i run the simulation with the top surface as a blackbody i get no warning, but when i run it with the top and side as blackbody i get the warning mentioned above (all other surfaces are left as default). this is not the only surface giving me this warning, but just an example and the first one i narrowed down.



Has anyone experienced this warning before, or have an idea as to what's causing it? Does the two resistor model have rules for applying radiative surfaces to it? (i suspect it has something to do with this but want to see if there are other ideas/possible issues i'm overlooking).