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Is it possible to cap the non-protruding side of a surface extrude?

Question asked by Kyle Chirpich on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Kyle Chirpich

I want to create an extruded profile that is capped on both ends.  However, I only want it to be a single-direction protrusion.  There is the "Cap End" option that shows up under the Direction 1 options, but that only caps one end of the protrusion.  I want the other end (the end that is on the sketch plane) to be capped as well.  The only way I can get that end to be capped is to activate Direction to and protrude my profile by some distance in that direction as well; I need an option for zero distance in direction 2 while still allowing for the direction 2 capped end.  I realize that I can cap it with a separate planar surface feature, but it seems kind of dumb to me that it cannot be capped within the extrude feature itself.  Any suggestions?