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Dissolve sketch text makes invalid geometry

Question asked by Chris Pratt on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 12, 2019 by Justin Pires

Attempting to "dissolve sketch text" on certain characters/fonts creates invalid geometry. Is this a glitch or is there a setting or something which will fix this?


Example: Dissolving a sketch text "6" in "Courier Std" with font style "Medium" creates invalid geometry. Attached is a example file of this.


Steps: Create a new part -> Start a sketch -> ("Tools" -> "Sketch Entities" -> "Text...") -> Type the character "6" -> Uncheck "use document font" -> Change font to "Courier Std" with font style "Medium" -> Click ok -> Right click the text and select "Dissolve Sketch Text" -> This throws the error "This sketch has not been updated because solving it would result in invalid geometry"


Windows 10, SolidWorks 2017 Service pack 2.0


Edit: The short answer is there is most likely only workarounds for this, including: Justin Pires noted that extruding the text, then using convert entities on extrusion creates sketch curves without any errors. Paul Salvador noted that after dissolving the text, if you copy then paste the text the pasted stuff doesn't have any errors.