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Design tables maximum values?

Question asked by Seth Kuhnau on Feb 7, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 7, 2019 by Deepak Gupta

I have a project I am working on and its mostly reliant on creating configurations. My problem is that each configuration has 186 modifiable values. I normally would be able to create as many configurations as possible. But this has changed recently since I (have tripled the amount of variables to 186) can now only create 5 configurations. I can give a quick explanation of what happens.


1.) The data is in the table but since there is no configuration name it doesn't exist.

2.) Add configuration 2-10(or any larger than 5).

3.) Design table closes and creates your configurations 2-5.

4.) Reopen design table and you can watch excel delete the rows of the configurations 6-10.


Is there any fix for this?