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Passing the Torch

Discussion created by Todd Blacksher on Feb 6, 2019
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Last week I bid farewell to the Michelle Pillers SWUGN Community Award plaque, and by this time next week it will have a new home.

It is a tremendous honor to have my name on the plaque, and I proudly displayed it in our entryway between my patents –


I consider this award one of my greatest accomplishments –

SOLIDWORKS World 2018 – SWUGN Awards – SolidWorks Rx




When I took the plaque off the wall to send it back, it left a considerable void.


After a lot of thought I believe that I may have found something that “fills the space” quite nicely –


The Thank You letter from Dave Bear

This letter gives me the same warm feeling that I got whenever I would look at the Michelle Pillers plaque.


Thank You Dave, and Thank You to the SOLIDWORKS Community,



EDIT: If you are one of those people that only logs in to the forums a couple weeks before SOLIDWORKS World, you might not know what I am talking about . . .

Thank You All...............