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View orientation removes lighting, cosmetic threads, changes perspective

Question asked by Ben Rinauto on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 21, 2019 by Ben Rinauto

Whenever I click the "view orientation" button and make a "new view", a ton of visual settings are changed.  I can't figure out what is happening.  I can't "undo" these changes.  Returning to a previously made view does not return the lighting settings to normal.  Is this a known bug?  What is going on?  This same issue has come up for me in multiple models.


Edit: Specifically, my directional lights checkbox "On in Solidworks" all become unchecked.  Cosmetic threads disappear.  View > Display > Perspective is turned on.  What the heck?


Edit: More info: after this happens, opening the screws with cosmetic threads will make the cosmetic threads reappear in the assembly.


Edit: I do not have to push the new view button. It's sufficient to click "view orientation" and then click away without clicking on the "view cube".  It's like the model preview inside the cube had unique lighting settings of its own, and they get transferred to the model when the action is interrupted.  The net effect is that I just can't use the "new view" button because it messes up all the view settings!


Edit: apologies if I just deleted your comment.  I *do* have a certified graphics card.