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Probably a dumb question - is there any way to delete an extrude & its associated sketch with only 1 mouse click?

Question asked by Kyle Chirpich on Feb 6, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 6, 2019 by Rob Edwards

I cam from Creo, and when I wanted to delete an extrude, I'd right click, select delete, and the extrude and associated sketch would both be gone.  In SW, it appears that I have to delete it, then in the "Confirm Delete" dialog I have to check the "Delete Absorbed Features" box in order to also grab the absorbed sketch and then click "yes".  These extra hoops to jump through are driving me crazy.  I'm not trying to start a Creo/SW war, but surely there is a setting somewhere that I'm missing that will make it so the delete always grabs the absorbed sketch. and that I don't have to see the "Confirm Delete" dialog every time?