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Routing Problems

Question asked by Sandip Darveshi on Mar 24, 2009
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2009 by Andy Hughes
Hi Andy Hughes,

The below in itallic letter is my last post and the other with underlines are your answers to my post.
1. Most of the times mainly in case of tubing or cabling if the route reference goes by some mistake or amendments the whole route gets corrupted and the prepared 3D sketch is no more useful even though we gave it any other reference or start point.
1: You'd have to give usan example of what the problem is - best kept for the visit. It does not sound like any know issue that I am aware of.

> I did encountered the problems as I mentioned above. After having the error I m not even able to make use of the 3D sketch already exist in the assembly.

2. Will you prepare more library of routing components at solidworks end so that you may reduce the efforts or your customers. Like Valves, regulators, actuators, and all kind of fitting components (and it should contain the configurations for example coupling or weldolet or sockolet on the pipe on which it is going to fit.).
2: Yes, we do have some more library components that we plan to ship with 2010.

> It will be too late for your current customers. Is it possible to release the same with service packs.

3. welding gap provision if required in between the fittings or connections with respect to tubes or pipes etc.
3: A subject that has been much on my mind. Many people work with weld gaps today, there are a couple of ways to do this. EG, moffst the fitting CPoints to give a gap between fitting and pipe. We do need to provide some better methods for this though.

>whether this provision is from 2009 , cause I still make use of 2008 sp 4.0

4. Provision of penetrate command to the fittings like coupling, weldolet, sockolet etc.
4: Penetrate commands exist for simple penetrations. Usinag smart components they can also be handled for O-lets etc. I also agree with Lana that ideally you would not load the assembly with this data which is generally not necessary for manufacturing purposes.

> I m not able to make use of this command in components. also wherever I do insert these components I see 2 pipes one of which start from centerline of the main line on which the component is which is in correct. I think I should make an advantage of this itself will solve my problem. I will work on this again and will like to come to you if problem occurs.

5. Replace of components by keeping the route start point reference whatever it amy be incontext of routing.
5: In my experience Replace componenet works well in the majority of cases, though there are cases where you may need todo some sketch clean-up afterwards.

> I will once again check it if I do encounter the same.

6. The help provided in solidworks for routing is not sufficient to tackle all the dos and donts or to achieve fast and best results.
6: Agreed. It is something we are very much aware of.

7. Is it possible to produce the route with help of 2D sketch for required cases. Cause 3D sketch is going to make my model heavy. I do deal with assembly with more than 4000 components of routing.
7: 3D sketches are no heavier than 2D sketches, they use the same methods, same solver. In some cases a 3D sketch can be more efficient.

>As per my knowledge in 3D sketch each any every point needs to be defined by 3 coordinates, while in 2D sketch, 2 Coordinates are sufficient. thats why I think the 3D sketch does take more space or memory compared with 2D sketch.

8. Facility to use existing assembly of routing multiple times with multiple instances.
8: You can do this today as long as the geometry is identical in each instance. Try a linear pattern of a route. They can also be copied and mated within the limitations of mating to routes.

9. Autoroute is not working on my end.
9: Can you give me the SPR numbers and I'll make sure they get looked at.

> How to prepare SPR number?

Mr. Nitin Shirkey did contact me through an email, I arranged the visit in first week of April cause of my busy schedule.

So mean while I will like to resolve some of the following questions also

For big assemlies containing components more than 5000 rebuild error occurs. and dosent get resolved any how. Ramification of this is I m not able to measure mass properties of it.

every time to same routing subassemblies unsatisfied error occurs and one gets resolved after editing the sketch and other sub assembly gets resolved by roll back and roll end procedure.

Every time after splitting the route inserting reducer or tee at the splitted entity, the solidworks gets crashed.

Thanks and Regards