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Help needed with simulating my assembly

Question asked by Cj Barnes on Feb 5, 2019

So I am working on an assembly for a flight carrier and cannot properly simulate collisions. The chain is supposed to carry a comb-like product flight carrier over a bath of liquid as the teeth of the comb carry the material out of the liquid. Part of the design dictates that the product flight carriers be able to rotate on pins as they are dragged along on the chain and are also supposed to collide with the rails placed across the assembly for pick-up and discharge of the product from the bath. I was wondering how I might simulate the product carriers being dragged along the rails and hitting the strike plates causing them to tilt because whenever I use "collision detection" it either stops the part from moving or the parts clip through each other. Attached are images calling out the carrier rails and the striker plates on the assembly and the points on the product flight carrier they are supposed to collide with and tilt and turn.


Thank you in advance for your assistance.