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Notification e-mails; changing way file and project names are displayed

Question asked by Unspecified Unspecified on Feb 7, 2019
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First off, I’m not sure why my name is listed as “Unspecified Unspecified”!.  My name is Graeme Hyson.


We am trying to modify our document state change notification e-mails so that the content is a little more intelligible.  We have accessed the HTML templates using the guidance provided in solution S-018024, we are comfortable with changing the HTML to get the format etc. that we’re after.  The part I’m stuck on is changing is the way the file name and information appears in the e-mail. 


At present the notification says that “File XXX” has changed state, XXX is the full file name e.g. Projects\001 – Customer Name\001 – Project Name\Sub Folder\Document name.  I would like to instead split it up a bit so that the e-mail says something more like:


Customer Name: XXX

Project: YYY

Document: ZZZ 


We’re doing this for company process reasons, nothing to do with EPDM.  We just want to be have an e-mail where it’s really really easy to see at a glance what customer and project you’re referring to.  At the moment the file names are quite long so it’s not easy to quickly tell which notifications are “yours”.  For non-IT reasons we still want to make sure that certain groups get EVERY notification even if they only need to respond to some of them.  We have also intentionally disabled the dynamic selection notification function for similar business reasons. 


From looking at the HTML template it appears that the file information is all “retrieved” by the one line of code: “_ConisioFileRows_”.  


However when I look at the code for a real e-mail that EPDM has sent that line of code “_ConisioFileRows_” has been replaced by: <td><a href="conisio://Vault Name/open?projectid=7046&amp;documentid=71735&amp;objecttype=1">.   The project ID and document ID all stacks up with what’s in our database, as you’d expect.


We can’t find reference to “_ConisioFileRows_” anywhere in the database, we’re assuming this is an inbuilt part of the EPDM software that you can’t change.  My question is, how does this code “_ConisioFileRows_” construct the whole file name and is it possible to modify it/create a new command so that the e-mail template splits out the project IDs and document IDs separately?


Thanks very much.